Fast Trivia game shows are the most common “trivia” type. Contestants “buzz in” to answer a question, usually using some form of lock out device on a podium. The base game is called “Trivia Blitz”. Adding video elements or different kinds of buzzers can vary the show.


Interactive Trivia Blitz

ITB - Wisconsin State Fair 2007 (70)Interactive Trivia Blitz is our most basic and highly interactive trivia game show. Up to sixteen contestants or teams can compete in an energetic trivia game. Add a few physical challenges and twists.

This game is great for all applications, markets, and events

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Download Interactive Triva Blitz PDF 2006  (Podiums have been updated since this printing)


Mini Trivia Blitz

Mini Trivia Blitz

Mini Trivia Blitz makes a great game show for smaller events.

Based on smaller equipment, we now can program mini “Interactive Trivia Blitz” in small scale or low budget environments. Smaller lockout podiums will allow us to fit mini game shows in a 10 foot X 6 foot space and be executed by one person.

This game is also called “Midway Trivia” in a Festival Environment.

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Lights, Sites, & Bites

LSB Title SlideWhat happens when you combine Interactive Trivia Blitz with a video screen showing video and picture clips of TV Shows, movies, sports, historical events, and other items, add in some glitzy lights and create an exciting game show? Lites, Sites, & Bites.

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Download Lights, Sights, and Bites PDF (older version of data sheet)


Big Picture Blast

Big Picture BlastOur educational version (Big Picture Blast) of Lites, Sites and Bites features visual pictures of history, concepts, shapes, word scrambles and more with mostly educational content. Behold the power point presentation with a fast moving trivia game show.

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Download Big Picture Blast PDF


Category Challenge

The Challenge

Category Challenge is our name for a very popular game show based on a long running TV show in which contestants answer questions from categories on a screen. We have multiple software applications for this, multiple lockout buzzers, and many production levels.

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Smarty Pants

Smarty Pants is a game show in which players on stage select answers from multiple choice questions - live

Smarty Pants is a game show in which players on stage select answers from multiple choice questions – live

Smarty Pants is an “All Play” multiple choice trivia game used with our player positions.

Four (or more) teams on stage answer questions on a screen by secretly pressing their ABCD button on their podium. Points are awarded to all correct players after the answer is revealed. That way everyone on stage can answer without saying the answer. It is like a stage version of our Get Wired For This game show.

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clobber1Four to ten players put on “hard hats” with contestant buzzers in them. Players are then given a swimming type nerf noodle (to keep this safe)

This is a hilarious game show . The game set includes backdrop, foldback monitors, razzle dazzle, stage lighting, signage, and more. Higher production levels will include truss and extra intelligent lighting. This might make a great mini game.

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Trivia Cubes

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Trivia Ladder/Final Answer

Trivia LadderTrivia Ladder and Final Answer are two variations of a similar game. In Trivia Ladder, 5 or 10 teams answer multiple choice questions via a player position or lockout button. Every time they get the answer correct, they move up the ladder. The team highest on the ladder wins. Trivia Ladder is fast moving.

In Final Answer, generally one team/player answers multiple choice questions or ever increasing difficulty. The higher they get, the more prize/points they receive. Of course they can may have up to six “lifelines”.  This game can be modified to involve two teams competing against each other. Read More.


Quiz Bowl/Question Bowl

Question Bowl LogoQuiz Bowl Format  can be found on TV since the 1950’s.  It has been  also called College Bowl and Scholastic Bowl used for college tournaments, primary school tournaments, and corporate events.  Quiz Bowl is based on objective trivia. Generally speaking, there are between three and five players on a team and two teams player at once.  Each player on a team may have their own lockout buzzer and be able to answer questions. A timer may be used on each question. Additional question types include toss up, group and random. Material may be shown on a screen along with backup information.  Quiz Bowl usually involves more rules than standard Trivia Blitz and is for serious competitions. Game Show Gurus can help you format your Quiz Bowl the way you would like as well as have multiple tournaments happening at once.   Read More.