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What happens when your school has had Versus, wants to book it again?

  Book Versus II.

While we always have the option of switching out games, Versus II runs in a similar pattern as the original Versus but with seven all new standard games.  Of course the music is still high energy. Versus II was just released at the end of 2013,  so we are still experimenting with games, but as of now: Versus II includes:

  • Buzzer Smash
  • Scooter Race
  • Bucket Stacks
  • Wheel of a Deal relay
  • Grand Prize Game Relay
  • Hula Pass
  • And for the Teachers:  Balloon Suits

Want something different?  Want more?  Booked Versus I and Versus II in recent years….. Versus III is around the corner.  We literally have a database full of different games to choose from. Versus II photo montage: — pending addition.