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Win It In TWO Minutes

The Fastest Moving Trivia and
Participation Game Show Around

1507022_612231618868522_3047828025557482937_nLong before the popular NBC TV Minute to Win It Show, we created the fastest moving, highest energy, and most unique school assembly or family night on the block that challenges students with fun, educational, yet easy challenges.

Versus is an exciting and high energy game show that involves all or most of the students in the audience. It’s Left Vs. Right, Red vs. Blue, Team 1 vs. Team 2. Unlike the Minute show, Versus is designed to involve as many students as possible in an organized fashion.

Challenges can vary but can usually include: Trivia Face Off, Four In A Row,  Hula Hoops, Word Scramble, and others. We usually alternate between challenges and grade levels. The best part is that each challenge involves 12-20 students at a time and that each challenge lasts no more than TWO Minutes. How do students know how long the challenge will last? The countdown clock is shown on a large video screen for indoor events or a LED Scoreboard for outdoor events. It’s the ultimate answer to “is it my turn yet?”.  Twelve student games and one teacher game are played in an hour.  Most shows have four challenges rotated three times or six challenges rotated twice.

This game is scripted for each school and can by vary by grade level groups. It’s even awesome for family nights. Add a memorable soundtrack of kids’ favorites and you have what Michael, a second grader called “The Best Assembly Ever”.

Versus has been reprogrammed and redesigned because of it’s increasing popularity with new challenges, redesigned set, streamlined programming, and updated music.

Music Makes The Moment

Versus includes a variety of high energy kid friendly music to keep the game exciting. We play kids pop culture  type and positive message type music during the time students walk in, game show music under our introductions change over music between challenges, and music for all challenges except Trivia.  The soundtrack is school friendly, always changing, and geared towards the audience — elementary, junior high, or high school students.

 This microsite talks about Versus for Kids (schools, families, camps, etc).  For info for Versus for Adults (companies, colleges, high schools, etc, click here. 

Great for PBIS, Character Counts, Red Ribbon Week and D.A.R.E.

Versus Game Show is a great kick off or reward assembly for PBIS (Positive Behavior Interventions and Supports)  Our trivia game can use stock or school specific PBIS questions.  Each of the games shows how teamwork, thinking about other people, and watching for others enhances the school experience.

Versus is also great for Character Counts (in the same matter as PBIS) and D.A.R,E.  For D.A.R.E. programs, we can use trivia related to Drug Prevention. This program is also a great follow up to another school program – NED.