With all of the excitement of NBC’s “Minute to Win It” game show, no one has realized that we can and have been running physical challenge contests all along. TV had a game show like this in the 50’s and 60’s — they called it “Beat The Clock”.

So if you would like to bring a game show similiar to NBC’s “Minute To Win It”, or TV’s “Beat the Clock” we can do that. We have all of the games on TV and can add a variety of games that they don’t use. We have done the hard work for you and evaluated what is appropriate where. Some games work better with groups, some games work better with adults rather than kids, and some games might be inappropriate for your event – in which case we will advise you on that.

For promotional events, the concept of having one person get sixty seconds to achieve various tasks might work if there is a large prize at stake and if a drawing was held to participate. However, this isn’t the preferred method.

We would much rather see more people participate and the format we would use depends on the audience target.

We can either run contests with one or more participants attempting to perform the task.
We can see who can do it first.

We can add similiar challenges to our existing Versus game show.

These challenges also make a great “physical challenge” to our Trivia Blitz.

In all, we provide the energetic host, all necessary props includinjg podiums, backdrops, one or more clocks, programmed script, moving lights, and high energy music.

To find out how we can create a live physical challenge game show for your event, please call or email us.