win-it-in-a-minute-general Experience one of the hottest game show programs to hit TV in recent time, modified for eventand stage use. Designed in the style of  TV’s Minute To Win It, we create a set of contests that are performed by a group of your guests as a team or individually. We can run this in one of several formats:

Last Man Standing: We start with up to ten participants attempting to perform a specific challenge such as “Bobblehead”. After each challenge, the last person to complete the challenge is eliminated from the game. This process continues with a total of ten challenges until a winner is found.

Random Challenges: Instead of running a structured show, we set up a variety of challenges that involve three to five people. We then invite either kids or adults (or both) to attempt to complete the challenge. At the end of each sequence, the winner gets a prize. This process continues for the time we have and allows more people to participate.

Stations: We can set up multiple game stations in which your event goers can try out many of the games that are popular on the NBC show as well as some our unique creations or adaptations. In most cases between three and eight people can try out the station. We even add a countdown clock and if needed pipe and drape, lights, and signage.

Each challenge is accompanied by a personable emcee, energetic music during and between challenges, and high impact excitement. Challenges may be changed during an event to keep it fresh for every show. Some can mimic the TV show while others can be from our vast inventory of games. The goal is to keep it fun, easy, and fast moving.
Win It In a Minute is sure to be a hit and can be combined with our Midway Trivia game show. For more information, please see the dedicated “data sheet” on our web site. Minute to Win It is a trademark of NBC Universal.

Below is a short video of a Win It In a Minute game show run at a festival on a small festival stage. Of course we adapt to any situation and can upgrade presentation for larger events.

Our Favorite Challenges:
While we can program with any challenge, these are some of our favorites.