Experience one of the hottest game show programs to hit TV in recent time, modified for corporate events. Designed in the style of TV’s Minute To Win It, we create a set of contests that are performed by a group of your guests as a team or individually. These challenges, while using common items, range from easy to difficult. Each challenge is accompanied by a personable emcee, energetic music during and between challenges, and high impact excitement. Challenges may be changed during an event to keep it fresh for every show. Some can mimic the TV show while others can be from our vast inventory of games. The goal is to keep it fun, easy, and fast moving. Different playing formats including Last Man Standing (where 10 people start and one person is voted off, Traditional (one person playing ever increasing difficult games, Team Building (teams of 3 or more play as a group), Random Challenges (we pull people randomly to play) and Game Stations (various games are scattered amongst room for guests to play). We usually have three to five occurrences of any one game and a great script to keep it moving. Great also for trade show traffic builders.



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