Based on our famous “Music Video Bingo” and “Trivia Bingo”.

Customized game cards are printed for each event. Sometimes the client’s name is used instead of “BINGO”, otherwise we use “VIDEO”. Markers or Pencils are handed out. These cards are passed out to the audience, at least one per participant.

After our emcee explains the rules, one of 120 plus video loops, logos, or questions related to a sponsor or it’s products are played on our video screen. These video clues (static or moving) are played for about fifteen seconds. If you can recognized the product or answer the question you will be able to shout “Bingo” faster because the answes to the question or video clue are not announced until about ten seconds in.

We continue this process. Get five in a row and win a prize. Because it takes about 10-15 minutes to find a winner, we usually let several people win before recycling the game. The game is cycled several times in a sixty or ninety minute period.

Any type of product, picture, video loop, or question can be used.

The set and presentation can be scaled anywhere from our “2-star” with Game Show Gurus providng only the basic on up to “5-Star” withi high end sets, lighting, sound, trusses, movng lights, etc.

Download Triple Ballistic Bingo PDF(which is the closest to this concept)