Split is a fun strategy game for 10 to 1,000 players… ALL AT THE SAME TIME!  Pt.  Players log into a web app  on their device to play along.

Can you outsmart the crowd and win the SPLIT?

If your wondering, “Now what the heck is this game?” Its kind of like  Rock Paper Scissors and Minesweeper got together to play Bingo. (does that even help… maybe just keep reading

The game has 10 rounds. Each round the value of the pot goes up and YOU get to decide who gets to keep it.

Everyone starts on the white square in the middle. Each round you move 1 space to a different colored square. Then you vote for which color gets to SPLIT the pot. The more people on your square the less you get to keep.  Here is the trick… you can’t vote for your own color.

To win the game you need to be at the top of the leaderboard with as much fake money as possible. Watch out for the center white tile, every other round it is locked and you will have to wait a turn to get out.