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Bring the action and excitement of simulated horse racing to your event, complete with video projected races, betting windows, odds, play money, and play wagering slips. No real money is gambled here.

How Does It Work?

You will send thirty names of people that you know will be in attendance. The thirty race horses will be owned by each of these thirty party or event guests. We will bring a DVD that been pre-recorded in our studio with five races using these thirty horses. This will be shown at your party or event on a TV or large screen! There are six beautifully animated horses (with jockeys) in each race.

The horses progress according to three dice that have been randomly rolled Your guests will be really impressed when they look at the race program and see they have a horse running! Your guests will clutch their betting slips and go wild, cheering for their favorite horse as the professional announcer calls the race in true track form! The excitement of the horse racing, some music and the prize drawing all add up to the festive atmosphere that will hold your guests at the party or event until the very end! It all makes for an exciting, fun-filled afternoon or evening of entertainment they will always remember!

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