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Music Video Bingo or Movie Trailer Bingo for Kids

Based on a popular touring college attraction Music Video Bingo takes Bingo a step further into the MTV type generation.

Customized game cards are printed for each event. Sometimes the guest of honor’s name is used instead of “BINGO”, otherwise we use “VIDEO”. Markers are also handed out. (Occasionally, we use “Fruit Loops” because of their colorful nature.) These cards are passed out to the audience, at least one per participant.

After our emcee explains the rules, one of one hundred twenty plus music videos are played on our video screen. These videos are played for about fifteen seconds. If you can recognized the videos you will be able to shout “Bingo” faster because the names of the videos are not announced until about ten seconds in. We continue this process. Get five in a row and win a prize. Because it takes about 10 minutes to find a winner, we usually let several people win before recycling the game. The game is cycled several times in a sixty or ninety minute period.

For kids’ events, we use kid orientated videos from Sing A Longs, Disney types,, kids musicals (such as High School Musical), and TV themes (such as Sponge Bob). as well as G-rated movie trailers.

Music Video Bingo for Kids is targeted towards kids under 10 years old (and their parents). For Mitzvahs and High School events, use our standard Music Video Bingo.