glow-bingoGalactic Glow Bingo takes standard bingo and our Extreme Bingo a step further and makes it a party. This isn’t your grandmothers’ bingo. It’s Cosmic !

Originating as a casino promotion, Glow Bingo adds fast moving trivia, dancing,  high energy party music, party games, and win it in a minute type games to make a fast moving bingo. In Galactic Glow Bingo, the first 50 numbers aren’t even called out loud because there is too much else going on. You have to watch the screen for the numbers.

Add black lights, glow in the dark daubers, glow in the dark hats, and other party favors for sale, and this a total party.

Game Show Gurus takes it a step further and adds high tech lighting, attractive sets, and costumes plus mini game from our Guess The Price and Game Show Give Away show.  Bingo cards can be utilize standard numbers or anything from our Extreme Bingo program.th5MJ2471S

Add our Q&A trivia show simultaneously and there is a lot going on here.

We can even provide the bingo equipment, daubers, and flashboards or flashboard software.

Where Glow Bingo would be awesome


Take your bingo fundraisers to the next level.  Game Show Gurus shows  licensed organizations how hold  Galactic Glow Bingo to maximize their profits on each event while incorporating fun with the highest standards of integrity. Each event is a social gathering uniquely designed to create fun, excitement, and profits for your Charity.

Most charities charge $20-$35, play 10 games ,  with $100 cash prizes. Everyone gets a hat, glow in the dark dauber, and get six cards each.

Great for school PTA’s, charities, and more.

Game Show Gurus can provide you with the supplies but for legal reasons of course, a 501C organization must sell the tickets and cards to the guests.


Casinos can book us to run Glow Bingo and provide everything but the paper (which is of course how they make money) and of course use your flashboards and bingo caller equipment, if available.


Colleges can’t charge for this game but it still is fun to play.  Same excitement. Prizes will vary on your budget.

Private Events

Of course you can book Glow Bingo for a private event. We bring the fun, you provide the prizes.

Call Game Show Gurus today to put on your own cosmic glow bingo event to raise money for your charity, college, casino, or private event.