The wireless game show for everyone.

  • Up to 500 buzzers (and more possible by request) allow everyone to play our game show simulating the Fast Finger Round of Millionaire or 1 vs. 100. In Get Wired For This, audience response keypads are placed in the audience (or by table) work independently to score points. The fastest answers that are the most correct win the most points.
  • At the end of the round, the top players or teams and even some wild cards get to play a fast trivia game such as our Trivia Blitz Game, Smarty Pants, Challenge or Lights, Sights, and Bites. Rounds usually last about 15 minutes and cycle three or four times during a show.
  • Set includes razzle dazzle backdrop, moving lights, and high tech look. New “What Were You Thinking” is sort of like “4 vs. 100” and puts stage contestants against those with keypads.
  • We can also provide audience response equipment, programming, and services for meetings — even if it isn’t part of a game show.