Not just for Church or grannies any more. Project a video screen bingo board, add an energetic emcee, exciting music, and attractive display. Winners get to compete for extended prizes. Add our Money Machine for further excitement.

At it’s basic upgrade to boring Bingo, we add a video projection screen showing our bingo board, a fast talking emcee, high impact music (targeted to the audience), an attractive display with “curtain warmers”, LED color changing lights, and moving stage lights.

Bingo cards with slide window coverings are passed out—at least one to each participant. The emcee announces one of twenty five patterns that are we are playing for, including: any five, four corners, diagonal, vertical, L’s, T’s, crosses, complete covering, etc.

Game Play is run at an accelerated pace. When the first person or persons shout out “Bingo”, game play is suspended so we can see if they missed any numbers. If all marked numbers were actually called out. If they succeeded and they win a prize (provided by the client).

After a winner is named, the game starts over again. Sometimes we will continue looking for winners since it can take ten minutes for the first one to appear.

Variations on this game include awarding additional bingo cards for answering trivia questions using the “raise the hand random” method or combining this with our game show All Play or Trivia Blitz.