Audience Response game shows and activities usually involve having everyone play a game at their tables. They may use audience response keypads, cell phones, paper, or wireless lockout buttons. Audience Response games are great modifiers to see who gets to play a stage game.

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All Play – Elementary/Junior High


For Elementary Schools- our 30 buzzer wireless game show — how many can play — All of Them. There is a different format for Elementary School Assemblies as Corporate and Promotions. (updated version)

Download All Play PDF Cut Sheet

All Play – Corporate / College


All Play for Corporate and College events can be modified from the “school assembly” version to allow up to sixty buzzers to be placed in the audience. Buzzers still play in up to six teams. See “Get Wired” for individual competition game show. Integrates with Interactive Trivia Blitz competition amongst the winners.

Download All Play Corporate/Adult PDF Cut Sheet

Get Wired For This


Spinning off our All Play concept, Get Wired hooks up sixty to two-hundred audience members with our wireless remote controls – all playing against each other. Game formats can vary. The computer can find random audience members, group them by teams, and more. Since it is written in Powepoint, we can integrate it into business presentations as well. Can end in interactive trivia game.

Download All Play Corporate/Adult PDF Cut Sheet

Update 2012 data sheet coming soon.

Text Live for Karaoke Idol, Events, and More


We can take Text Messages from people’s cell phones and play a game show with them, use them for voting for talent contests like Karaoke Idol, as well as display messages on a video screen. Text messages can be sent back to everyone who texts in with “Thanks for coming” or other mass emails.

Music Video Bingo


What happens when you combine Bingo with the hottest music videos? Music Video Bingo. We hand out custom bingo cards that match our set of music videos. We play a music video for 15 seconds on our large screen. First player to match four in a row wins. Great with our Money Machine.

Can be adapted with any type of video or picture recognition. Try “Movie Trailer Bingo”.

Download PDF Cut Sheet on Bingo

Ballistic Bingo Classic

bingo_2Not just for Church or grannies any more. Project a video screen bingo board, add an energetic emcee, exciting music, and attractive display. Winners get to compete for extended prizes. Add our Money Machine for further excitement.

Other Available Options:

  • All Play - AdultAll Play – Adult
  • All Play - AdultAll Play – School
  • Audience Response Systems (ARS)Audience Response Systems (ARS)
  • Ballistic Bingo ClassicBallistic Bingo Classic
  • nopictureiconEvery Vote Counts
  • Get Wired For ThisGet Wired For This
  • Music Video BingoMusic Video Bingo (general)
  • Music Video BingoMusic Video Bingo for Kids
  • Night At The RacesNight At The Races
  • Q&A TimeQ&A Time
  • Sponsor Trivia Video BingoSponsor Trivia Video Bingo
  • nopictureiconText Live
  • Trivia Board 10-20Trivia Board 10/20
  • Trivia LadderTrivia Ladder
  • Versus (college-corporate)Versus College/Corporate
  • Music Video BingoVisual Trivia Bingo
  • Wii TournamentWii Tournament
  • Win It In a Minute (festivals)Win It In a Minute (Festivals)