Audience Response game shows and activities usually involve having everyone play a game at their tables. They may use audience response keypads, cell phones, paper, or wireless lockout buttons. Audience Response games are great modifiers to see who gets to play a stage game.

All Play

allplaylogoFor Elementary Schools– our 30 to 60 buzzer wireless game show — how many can play — All of Them.  All Play has each of those 30 to 60 buzzers divided in up to six teams. Usually teams are placed on “stage” in contestant pens for schools.

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All Play for Corporate and College Events – up to 100 buzzers can be placed in the audience. Buzzers are assigned to up to ten teams. The standard game for All Play is a multiple choice questions shown in a random order.  All Play can be integrated into some of our other games such as Category Challenge, Tic Tac Toe, Question Bowl, and more.  To use audience response keypads scored independently and/or teams, see  our Get Wired For This game show.

Get Wired For This

Spinning off our All Play concept, Get Wired hooks up sixty to two-hundred audience members with our wireless remote controls – all playing against each other. Game formats can vary. The computer can find random audience members, group them by teams, and more. Since it is written in Powepoint, we can integrate it into business presentations as well. Can end in interactive trivia game. New:  Subjective questions can be used instead of objective questions.  Questions like “Name the most popular item found a the beach”.  The most correct players or teams can advance to a game like our Survey Says.

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Audience Response Systems

audience1Using the same equipment that is used for our Get Wired For This game show (or Q&A technology listed below), we can integrate audience responses into Powerpoint to take surveys, quiz participants, and generate statistics.

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Q & A

q&a2Q&A starts where Get Wired For This leaves off. Q&A uses guest smartphones, tablets, computers, and other e-devices to play audience trivia games  or conduct surveys, with atn unlimited number of devices. Players don’t even have to be at the same venue as everything is internet driven.  Great for large venues where passing out audience response keypads would be impractical as well as smaller events where it would be more cost effective than providing keypads.  Q&A can be kept simple, expanded to video screens, or enhanced with additional sets, Mini Trivia Blitz, and razzle dazzle.

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Extreme Bingo

Extreme Bingo - JeffExtreme Bingo is the newly redesigned sum of all of our Bingo game shows.  Our video screen can show traditional bingo (BINGO), pictures, videos, music videos, movie trailers, trivia, and sponsor logos. High energy music, intelligent lighting, and effects make it awesome. Add Cosmic Bingo for more excitement.

Galactic Glow Bingo

Cosmic Bingo

Glow Bingo Dauber

Galactic Glow Bingo takes Extreme Bingo a step further. Glow Bingo takes all of the elements of traditional bingo and adds a party.  The first 50 numbers aren’t even called — they are only on the screen. Its up to you to keep track of what was called. During this time,  a high energy DJ plays music while our host runs  trivia and physical challenges and encourages dancing in the aisles.  Add Blacklights, intelligent moving lights, glow paper, glow daubers, and glow party favors,  and you have a party. We provide everything to make it awesome.  Great for fundraisers, corporate events, college events, and even casinos.  (Casinos sell their own paper and bingo supplies.)  It’s Cosmic !!  Read More.

Night At The Races

Night At The RacesBring the action and excitement of simulated horse racing to your event, complete with video projected races, betting windows, odds, play money, and play wagering slips. No real money is gambled here.

Team Trivia

1TuesdayTriviaTeam Trivia is “table trivia”.  Table trivia is the simple paper based trivia games in which an emcee reads questions or shows them on a video screen and teams write down their answers on paper at their tables.

This kind of trivia is commonly found in bars but is available for private parties. It is simpler than a “game show” trivia format.

We provide all of the material, the writing materials, and even have software to tabulate the results.

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Text Live for Karaoke Idol, Events, and More

We can take Text Messages from people’s cell phones and play a game show with them, use them for voting for talent contests like Karaoke Idol, as well as display messages on a video screen. Text messages can be sent back to everyone who texts in with “Thanks for coming” or other mass emails. This is a little different than the Q&A environment. Instead of having guests login to a special web site, it simply has them text their message or vote to a special number. It is the same process that the TV shows use to allow people to vote for their favorite singer or performer.

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