all-play-adults All Play or Get Wired For This

The wireless game show for everyone.

Download All Play – Adults / Get Wired PDF

Up to 60 and soon to be 200 wireless buzzers (and more possible by request) allow everyone to play our game show simulating the Fast Finger Round of Millionaire or 1 vs. 100. In All Play, buzzers work together in teams. At the end of a round, everyone on the winning team has to “Face Off” to find a winner. In Get Wired For This, all buzzers work independently to score points. At the end of the round, the top players and even some wild cards get to play either our Trivia Blitz Game or Lights, Sights, and Bites. New “What Were You Thinking” is sort of like “4 vs. 60” and puts stage contestants against buzzer players. up to six teams.