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We have classified games shows into several different types:

Fast Trivia – Fast Trivia game shows are any type of game show where the goal is to “buzz” in faster than someone else and answer questions. They may be complimented with video elements. Examples include our Interactive Trivia Blitz, Clobber, and Category Challenge. 

Physical Challenge/TalentPhysical Challenge game shows require the participants to perform a task or show off some talent. This may involve playing physical games or singing. Examples include our Versus, Win It In a Minute, and Talent Idol Hunt.

SubjectiveSubjective game shows ask the participant to guess answers in which there may be more than one correct answer or give opinions. Examples include our Survey Says, Word Play, Pyramid Clues, and Relationship Games.

Risk / RewardRisk Reward Game Shows require the participants to guess answers or make bets where they probably don’t know that the answer will be because it is random. Example include our Guess The Price, Game Show Give Away, Star Power, and Take It Er Leave It.

Audience Response Audience Response game shows involve all of the participants at once answering questions or playing games.  Many of our game shows can be modified with to be audience response as well. We always try to involve as many people as possible when the event calls for it. Example include our Get Wired For This, All Play, Extreme Bingo, and Night At The Races.

Custom- We can create any combination of show, modify our own, or create something new. We can even create new props.  Just Ask.

OtherWe can provide other auxiliary services such as DJ Music, Karaoke, Audio Visual, Green Screen Photo and Video, and Game Stations.

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