Twenty three years ago, in 1991,  between college and starting our entertainment business, I was providing computer consulting services for an executive search firm. My client gave me a copy of an ad that was printed in a magazines that was created by Winston Advertising.   I have had a copy of that ad on my bulletin board ever since.  Fred Industries tells us how important advertising is, even in a down economy.

The text from the ad is here:




It was the best of times.

Fred Industries was on a roll. The sky was the limit. The company was flying high, floating along. Easy Street.

Then, as wont to happen, the market got a little tough.

Shakeout City.

Fred Industries Ad BudgetProduction wasn’t producing. Product wasn’t moving as fast or as profitably as it once had. Business was concentrating on cutbacks and, right up front, the first cost cut was the ad budget, the necessary evil.

And Fred Industries caught a bug and said “We’re itching to save greenbacks. Let’s take a good look at the bottom line and stay on top; after all, we’ve gotta be fat somewhere or we could end up belly-up.

It was agreed that the worst of times could again reighn as the best of times if corners were rounded a wee bit.

Dollars were slashed.

Advertising came to a grinding halt (sic). The wheels of dealing slowed to a standstill, and all was quiet on the advertising front.

And Fred Industries smiled and waited and smiled and waited.

And waited.

Soon Fred Industries wasn’t smiling, just waiting. The well was dry. And no one remembers when Fred Industries cut it’s ad budget because no one remembers Fred Industries, period.

It was the worst of times.

Fred Industries. We Never Close.

Ad budgets that go up in smoke, don’t exactly fire up sales.



To give credit: I checked on the creator of this ad: Winston Advertising, of Santa Clara,  CA. As far as I can tell, they are no longer in business in California.  A quick check on the web finds another Winston Advertising in New York. I called the president of the New York firm and found out that is not the same  company that placed this ad. It’s kind of ironic that the original creators of this ad don’t exist any more.  Winston Advertising of Santa Clara  may have created the very first “content ad” that would have  been posted, tweeted or blogged, long before anyone could post, tweet or blog. I think a better title of my blog entry should be: Remember When Winston Advertising Cut It’s Own Ad  Budget? Winston does.  And now no one remembers Winston Advertising (of Santa Clara). Winston Advertising of Santa Clara should have followed their own advice.

What does this have to do with game shows?  Game Shows are the ultimate in event marketing. Event marketing is advertising. Game Shows are promotion. Where else can you combine a high energy atmosphere, attractive displays, powerful announcements, a competitive and social atmosphere that is sure to bring incremental sales at retail.  Event marketing is an essential part of your advertising mix.

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