Everyone loves the Pleenko (others may also call it a “Prize Drop”) game as made famous on the tv game show where you guess the price of items on tv..  The object is simple.  The game board consists matrix of pegs.  The player drops a puck. The puck makes it down a the game board to land on one of several prizes. It is great excitement.

We have several sizes of prize drop games from a a small table top game  (used in our Guess The Price Show) to our gigantic 4′ X 6′ game complete with chase lights (for use in our Gigantic Game Show Give Away).   Other sizes are available.

Prize Drop can be used to determine what prize a winner of a game show gets or it can be used by itself.

One of our clients invites trade show attendees to drop a plinko chips to win prizes donated by the trade show exhibitors. This builds traffic for the entire trade show and creates a lot of excitement. For their event, we added lights, video display, and some razzle dazzle. We can even customize the graphics — perfect for branding.