Game Show Gurus can provide other things that can be added to our standard game show programs or run independently.  We also have cool new set enhancements like backdrop and set options. Add extra pipe and drape to mask off other areas or uplighting for a cool look around the room.

Add things such as a Prize Drop Game  (commonly called Plinko)  type game, money machine,  prize wheel, prize selector game, and more.


Prize Drop Game

20150113_143018Made famous by the price guessing game show that has been on tv for over 44 years, is the fan favorite in which players drop pucks down a series of pegs hoping it lands in the top prize.   Read More


Tycoon Typhoon Money Machine

DSC00774 Step inside our money machine with coupons or cash blowing around. How much can you catch in the predetermined time. This is portable money machine that can collapse down to a smaller size.


Prize Wheels

Spin the wheel get a prize.  Many sizes of prize wheels are available including a side wheel made famous by your favorite pricing showcase showdown.

We have many types including a 31″ wheel, a 48″ lighted wheel, digital wheels, and more.


Audience Picker Software

Randomly pick participants based on numbers, lists of people, or other factors.


Prize Sweeper Software

A variety of software programs that allows the player to play a digital prize wheel, press a button for a prize, or pick from random squares.


Leaderboard  / Team Scoreboard Software

Display on screen from 1 to 50 players or teams their points or status in the tournament.


Countdown Clocks

Add a variety of LED and digital clocks to time games, activities, answers, etc. Count up, count down, lap timing.


Raffle Drum

Rent our raffle drum to pull instead of pulling name out of a hat.

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