Game Show Gurus involves more participants per program than any other traveling game show !

Television Take Off type game shows simulate the formats of your favorite shows that you know and love. Names have been changed or modified for obvious reasons and in many cases the format has been modified so they are not exactly the same. We are not affiliated with any of the TV programs that these games simulate.


Category Busters Trivia Board | Survey Says? | Other Available Options


Category Busters Trivia Board


Our matrix board of popular game shows. Now in Standard and Multi Media (updated). Double Categories and Final Busters are also included. Can be modified in a multitude of ways.

Download Category Busters 2006 PDF Sheet

New 2012 PDF Sheet coming soon.


Survey Says?

Survey Says Scren Show - no answers

Our version of that Feud game. The top six or eight answers from surveys are on our board. Get the them before your team gets three strikes.Includes a Face Off podium, contestant booths and everything else.

This game is easy to customize and can be scaled from “Fly In” to “5-Star” and can include final speed round.

Download Corporate Info Sheet
Download General Youth Sheet