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What is a concert game show?

The Old: Many game shows from other providers on the college market aren’t much of a show. The set is boring. The prizes are lame or only one person wins anything big. And it used to be that budgets were limited. But put on a music concert and suddenly your large venues are sold out.

The Idea: So we thought — how could bring you an awesome show with high level presentation that would pack the house. We want to create the next “it” game show.  We have reshaped our large scale game show that was originally designed for corporate events, casinos and event marketing to be cost effective for a college market but still bring the wow factor.

The New: Great Game Show Give Away is a extravagant production game show with large colorful props and games, mostly based on chance. Add to that a cool set, intelligent lights, and a huge prize closet, and you have a game show that students will pay at least a little something to attend. On a large campus, we believe that you could fill an auditorium with at least 500—1000 people per show. With proper promotion, even more. With a name like Game Show Give Away, who wouldn’t attend?

Venue: This game show requires at a stage at least 40 feet wide X 20 feet deep with the more the better. It too big for “down under” spaces. We recommend a theatre, ballroom, or field house.

Prizes: Prize packages will be set up to your target audience and budget. Game Show Gurus will secure everything from hotel stays, dorm items, electronics, gift certificates, and cash as well as consolation prizes. We want give a cruise away but the winner must be 21.

Price: Yes, this costs a little bit more than some other college game shows but introductory prices are significantly less than the casino and corporate version of this show, not mention a fraction of the fees related of THE actual TV Price OR  Deal touring game shows that are currently touring at casinos and theatres. We know it will set a new standard.

Hollywood Casino set (about 3/4ths of it)

Hollywood Casino set (about 3/4ths of it)

Our Great Game Show Give Away is a slightly scaled version of our Gigantic Game Show Give Away show.

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