For Bar and Bat Mitzvahs we provide game shows in multiple capacities.


Cocktail Hour 

Add a game show to the first hour of your event to entertain kids and or adults. Generally these activities are held in a room other than the main party room.

Game Show Add On

Add a game show to our interactive DJ, Emcee, and Dancers. The game show will be connected to our main DJ system in the main room and used either for cocktail hour and/or during the party. Game Show and regular “DJ” type games can be played.

Game Show Party

Sometimes, clients call us to provide mostly game shows and little dancing. hour. Generally, at this type of event, we provide up to three formats of game shows that alternate about every 45 minutes. We integrate party introductions, speeches, video montages and even a little dancing (such as the Hora), if requested.

Recommended Games

Recommended games that other clients have used for game show only Mtizvahs are: Extreme Bingo Get Wired For This (audience response buzzers), and Trivia Blitz. You can pick any three from our cross market catalog. Both kids and adults love the games. The first two – Extreme Bingo and Get Wired For This engage most of the people all at once. If we use a video screen (as most game shows do), we can play a video montage produced on DVD or PC at no extra charge.  Recently, we added Guess The Price to this list because a client really wanted it. It went over very well. Other clients have used Win It It In a Minute or our school program Versus.

We can provide the “DJ,MC, Dancer”  part of the party as well.

Bar and Bat Mitzvahs are generally produced at a 3-Star level which provides essential props and basic lights, sound, and backdrops, but nothing fancy.  Upgraded production levels are available by request.