Some of the great challenges with trade shows have been getting people to your booth and keeping them there, so you can get your important information about your company, products and services in the forefront of their minds. Game Show Gurus trade show trivia game accomplishes these goals and so much more. Let’s face it, there is a lot of competition at a trade show for the attention of the attendees, even if your direct competitors aren’t exhibiting. Scheduled events, seminars, local attractions are just a few of the distractions. Game show trivia for trade shows is the fun way to attract and keep people in your booth.

A trivia game show is a powerful, exciting and creative way to attract traffic to your booth and deliver your message in a fun, memorable format. We will customize a television style trade show trivia game that will become an attraction to your booth. We will integrate your marketing message and key points in a fun format. This format literally challenges people to remember details of your products and services.

Not only will the contestants remember your products and services, the audiences will as well. People will tell the other attendees about your company and the game show trivia. You will be impressed when you see people come back to your booth with other attendees. In short, your display will be the talk of the trade show!