5-starWelcome to Game Show Gurus. If you have landed here from  our external domain www.5stargameshow.com, then you must be looking for a high end game show production.

Game Show Gurus creates game shows for all types of events but we especially love to work with high end and promotional events.

How 5 Star Events are Different

For High End Corporate and Promotional events, we increase the razzle dazzle. Pipe and Drape is replaced by solid wall graphic backdrops, contestant booths and counters. They use various forms of truss with multi color lights, extra robotic lighting is set up, and the general overall look is upgraded. This takes more time to set up, more staff to run, and thus costs a little more, but it is worth it.

5-Star production is usually used with high end corporate events, event marketing, casinos, trade shows, trade show booths and occasionally a high end social events/

To start the process, we ask that you contact us with the concept that you are looking for. If there is a game show on one of our other pages, we can start there. We then usually and then submit a proposal with your goals.

Trade Show Displays

We are now resellers of various trade show equipment brands and thus can completely design a presentation for you as well as obtain all branding graphics. Our favorite is  our Multiquad line — www.multiquad.com. Mention that you saw our web site also and we will pass a 10% discount to you.  (This is true, whether or not you use us a for a trade show traffic builder). With Multiquad, we can achieve the ultimate in branding, mount monitors conspicuously in walls, create walls that are up to 16 feet high along with other elements. However, we can resell everything on ExpoDisplays web site — www.expodisplays.com. Just let us know what you would like and we can pass a 10% discount to you as well.


While most of the pictures on this web site show middle of the road production, the concepts can be adapted to higher end events.

Great game shows for your events might include:


More information to follow.  For now, please see our Game Show Types.


Game Show Types