stage-trailer Coming soon will be our new stage trailer that can will be excellent for outdoor event marketing functions and fetivals. It will be great for taking game show promos on the road.

We are designing it so it can be temporarily branded without a lot of expense. Here are some of our projected features:


  • Banner track for quick customizable/, cost effective & non permanent branding.
  • Can be used with any of our programs.
  • Extension Stage: 24 foot long stage X 16 feet deep.
  • Lights, sound, video, and razzle dazzle lights will be built in
  • Air-conditioned kitchenette/office/breakroom and bathroom.
  • Back and side walls. Hard awning.
  • Rentable with or without interactive programs
  • Extension stages and canopies can be added.
  • Lockable. Great for event marketing, festivals, etc.
  • Other models may be available.