stage-2-interactiveAt high energy promotions such as festivals, malls, fund raisers, corporate events, lock ins and other social events, book our “Stage 2” event which involves many of our game shows and contest activities rolled into one. Features can be customized to event needs but can include: Karaoke Idol, Relationship Games, Do Something, Promotion Commotion, DJ Contests, Body Contests (for singles events), Stayin Alive, and many others. Our staff of at least three runs continuous event, hypes sponsors, and keeps people’s attention. Set design and equipment vary depending on the event. Multi media game shows are also possible.

Download “Stage 2” PDF Cut Sheet

Combine many game shows for a constant, changing, running stage.

Let’s face it, some events have groups that come and go or need constant changing entertainment. Game Shows are great for that type of promotional audience, but should be run in modified form.

Enter Stage 2, our answer to an “auxiliary interactive stage” . It’s called “Stage 2”, because many times, there is already a mains stage or pay stage. Don’t have a main stage? We can be it. Stage 2 has appeared at many promotions including The World’s Largest Office Party produced by the Hyatt Regency Chicago, Zazz Bash, produced by the Chicago Sun-Times, as well as festivals including the Taste of Lincoln Avenue produced by Jam Productions and Kankakee County Fair. Stage 2 is designed to meet the event demographics. It combines interactive trivia and challenge game shows, karaoke, contests, and other crowd interaction in a constantly changing atmosphere that keeps guests amazed and wanting more.

Add to that, attractive displays with lights, sky dancers, backdrops, tents, and props in a total turn-key high energy environment. Stage 2 makes a promotional vehicle as it usually has an outgoing emcee and room for many sponsorship activities and tie ins including banner space, stage announcements, and giveaways.

Stage 2 can be produced at variety of productino levels from 3-Star to 5-star, dpending on the event and budget.