Let’s Enter-Tail Them

People love game shows. Give them a chance to participate in a “Live” TV game show and you will reap the benefits. Add the excitement of bells, whistles, moving lights, and high energy. They will wait for a chance to be called up to win. If they can’t be called up, they will watch in excitement as others go for the winnings.

Game shows make a natural companion to all kinds of promotions and venue events. You can combine high energy emcees, powerful promotional announcements, attractive displays, fabulous prizes, and a competitive nature that excites your guests and can ultimately lead to incremental sales at a retail level.

Game Show Gurus regularly hosts the stage for a trade shows both Business to Business and Business to Consumer. We crreate the voice. We create excitement. We promote your primary sponsors. We add all technical requirements. We run the stage and manage any other talent or sponsor programs that may be performing with us.

The possibilities are endless. No longer does your trade show or expo have to be silent agian.