event-marketingGame Shows are great interactive attractions for event marketing events.

Event Marketing can be as simple a an exhibit for the public, a mall tour, a game show stage, or a custom game show designed to promote a concept.

While it is great to produce events at a “Five Star” level, not all promotions need to be produced at a “5-Star” level. Many are kept simple to keep within budget and on track and many are added to existing event marketing sets.

Anywhere there has been a sponsor for one of our game shows, they were receiving the many benefits that we provide.

Examples include:

  • A shipping company sponsoring an “Earn and Learn” program encouraging students to work for them while going to school.
  • An office products conmpany having us host trade show booth games.
  • Radio Stations and a travel company sponsoring the exhibit hall stage at a state fair.
  • A bank sponsoring a stage at a county fair.
  • Alcohol sponsors putting their name on our “Stage 2” promotion at a singles event.
  • Alcohol sponsors putting their name on a game show for a bar promotion.
  • A company creating a game show to promote green thinking for a mall tour.
  • A radio station sponsoring an interactive singles orientated stage at a neighborhood festival.
  • A retail store sponsoring a stage at a county fair.
  • A phone company using us for a trade show booth.
  • A game company sponsoring the stage at a toy and game expo. Game Show Gurus provided the staging, game show, and the hosts.
  • Casinos using us for floor promotions.
  • And many more.

Game Shows create a high energy atmosphere, encourage audience participation and create a 360 brand experience. Add a voice to your next event. Create excitement about your products. Get everyone involved. Bring people together. Grab their attention. Give away valuable prizes. We keep your guests in suspense.

Further capabilities of Game Show Gurus extend game shows to the web, to text messaging, to audience response.

What’s your application? Who do you want to target? What do you want to spend? What do you want the prizes to be? We can do that for you.