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Game Shows for Corporate and Convention Events

They’re hot. Prime time game shows  are drawing millions of viewers.

Why not have your own contests to find your geniuses ? Or just host a game show because everyone loves them and they are just plain fun. We have cost effective stand alone game shows which can help you achieve a variety of goals.

Stage games for companies are different from those on TV, plus they involve more people which means more fun for everyone. Game shows create great spectator action for those who would rather watch and listen. With that, we can do other activities and contests between games.

Guests and staff loved to participate at events while at your promotion or event. so it makes $ense to add some fun to their time there. Sponsors love the high energy plugs that we create for them. They keep coming back and you keep making dough. We can use “pop” trivia questions geared towards any group questions geared towards a product, service, or sponsor.

For more information on how game shows can contribute to learning, see our web site for extended articles. Not So Trivial Applications

  • Meeting Enhancement: Make any size meeting sparkle. Maintain interest and comprehension. Increase teamwork. Build interaction. Generate added energy, participation, enthusiasm. Get instant feedback on information presented.
  • Trade Show: Build traffic with fun competition at your trade booth. More people get registered and they all stay longer so you hit your point home. Participation promotes sales. Read More.
  • Promotional Events: Draw attention to your store, grand opening, sales event. People stay longer and spend more. We “enter-tail” ’em.
  • Event Marketing: On Premise,  Off Premise, Festivals, Stages, and Booths.   Read More.
  • Special Event Add On: Add a game show (fun or educational) to your next picnic, holiday party, business after-hours, or employee lunch break. Keeps morale up and products producing. We even have additional event services that can be combined together.

Please see separate material on sponsorship and promotional opportunities of our game shows.

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  • Corporate Events. Holiday Parties, Social Events, Sales Meetings, Training. Read More
  • High End Corporate Events.  High End Sales Meetings and Social Events. Read More.
  • Trade Show Events. Booth Traffic Builder, Trade Show Stages.  Trade Show traffic motivator. Read More
  • Event Marketing.  On Premise. Off Premise. Festivals. Stages and Booths.  Read More.
  • Sponsored Promotions. Read More.