CasinosExecutive Summary

Game shows are an awesome way to engage your players with a promotion that shows people winning.

People love game shows.  Give them a chance to participate in a “Live” TV game show and you will reap the benefits.  While we normally like to get a lot of people involved, in the case of casino and other promotions, the stakes are usually higher, so the chance to be called and win real cash is always a draw.

Casino game shows can be floor promotions, entertainment stages (like those commonly found on the casino floor), players club events (in a private ballroom), or event center (large concert hall type).

Players Club or Floor Promotions—usually run on a repeat basis several times a week for about a month.

Entertainment Stage—larger productions presented on your stage.

Live game show will increase slot machine and play at your casino.

  • Every casino wants to reward their players with great promotions.
  • Game shows create a high energy stage in with the added razzle dazzle and excitement of someone winning big.
  • You set the prize limits and risk. Prizes can be insured.
  • Choose extensive production or minimal. High dollar or small. Brand name shows or custom designed.

Game shows make a natural companion to all kinds of promotions and venue events because you can combine high energy emcees, powerful promotional announcements, attractive displays, fabulous prizes, and a competitive nature that excites your guests that can ultimately lead to incremental sales at a retail level

Marketing for casinos can be quite a challenge with so many competitors vying for your customer’s attention with lights, sounds, bells and whistles everywhere. What people respond well to in busy casinos is a crowd gathered around an attraction, and that’s exactly what these promotional products are designed to accomplish.

We provide all of the technical and production design, the host, technical director, the props, and any necessary AV. Of course we conform with your gaming rules.

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