Question Bowl LogoHere’s an awesome idea for a large corporate event that creates a great return on investment in training your front line brand ambassadors at various branch offices.  These are the people who need to know what is what. For the third time, Game Show Gurus helped create a corporate quiz bowl for the same company’s  event. For this  blog purpose, we will call them the Acme Company, as in the fictional company in business textbooks and cartoons.

Before The Big Day

In order to make sure all of Acme’s branch offices understood all of the new marketing materials, handbooks and online tutorials were distributed amongst its 1000s of branches. Each of these branches studied the material. After a preset amount of time, each of the branches’ teams (consisting of 3 to 5 people) took online tests to qualify for the big event.

The top 100 teams who studied the best and scored the highest points were invited to a destination city such as Chicago, Dallas,  Los Angeles, Orrlando, Nashville, or Las Vegas for a mini conference.  Game Show Gurus, along with a professional meeting and event planner, set up in conjunction with Acme’s marketing team, a series of “Corporate Quiz Bowl” tournaments, bracket style. While making it to the final event was a prize in itself for ultra competitive branches, the winning team of the tournament received a very large cash prize to share amongst the staff of the branch (sometimes as little as 5 people at a branch). The competition was fierce.

Game Play

The Corporate Quiz Bowl is a variation of  “College Quiz Bowl” of tv fame and school quiz bowls being held everywhere. At Acme Company’s event, each game was made up  of two teams of three players each. Each team sat behind a table with one of our Trivia Blitz podiums consisting of a lockout buzzer, microphone,  and score display. Each game contained 15 questions with varying point values from 10 to 30 points. To start off, the host read the question. If the team buzzed in and they got it correct, they won the points. If the got it wrong, they lost the points and the other team had a chance to answer.  Only seven seconds were given to answer any given question and the time was shown on a countdown clock provided by Game Show Gurus.  At the end of the individual game, the winning team moved on, the losing team was eliminated.  This continued  throughout the day.

At this event, the main business group of Acme Company ran tournaments in four breakout rooms all morning and part of the afternoon long. Acme also had two of it’s smaller business groups also competing. The excitement and tension was on.

After all of the preliminary games were played, the winning eight teams competed in the main ballroom. Here, all of the other teams cheered them on to see who would win the grand prize.  Everyone watched in suspense as the final games were played. After all, this was serious business.

Event Design

For this event, Game Show Gurus provided six simultaneous quiz bowl systems . We are one of the few suppliers in the country that have enough independent but identical  game show systems to pull this off internally. To keep costs down, the breakout rooms consisted primarily of two tables, two podiums, a countdown monitor, and a 50″ monitor plus a small sound system. No razzle dazzle was needed. This was all steak and no sizzle.  Game Show Gurus provided technical directors and at Acme’s request, they provided their own host along with judges.  In the main ballroom, the meeting and event planner created a nice and appealing set on a stage integrating our game show system.

Other Applications

This type of corporate quiz bowl would be great for your company. It can be scaled larger or smaller.  When you want your branch offices or sales people to really know your products and services, it makes more sense to give them an incentive like this than just hope they only read the book and listen to boring speeches. Some company types that might benefit from this: banks and financial institutions, pharmaceutical sales reps, retail stores, franchise stores, service businesses,  customer service reps, or anywhere the corporate office needs to have it’s “first responders” know what they are talking about without having to “transfer” a customer several times to someone else.

Quiz Bowl operations including amount of teams, systems, personnel, and set can design can be changed to meet your event needs.  Some companies may want to use three or four teams per game or a company might want to have eight teams on stage simultaneously. It’s all up to you.

Here are some of the limited pictures that we can show you.

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For more information on having Game Show Gurus provide Quiz Bowl for your company event, please call or email us. If you need total event management and coordination, we can refer you to our event and meeting planner partner.