Match GAmeThe casting producer for the all new Match Game hosted by Alec Baldwin reached out to us to help find contestants who want to hang out with celebrities and possibly win $25,000 !!

Here is what they said:

This casting process is MOVING EXTREMELY QUICKLY as we are filming in NYC this June, so any help you can provide in getting the word out and encouraging people you know to apply ASAP, would be fantastic!

We hope to find people, mainly in the NY/tri-state area, who are fun, enthusiastic and have great senses of humor. (And who isn’t interested in hanging out with some celebrities and spend an hour or two trying to walk away with some extra cash?!)

TO APPLY for the TV version:


Compare This!!

Since new or revivied TV game shows strike interest for private events, we are developing our version of a game show designed in the style of Match Game. It will be a hoot for company events that have had our Survey Says but want something different that will bring laughs with subjective off color comments.  Our version will involve more people and of course your guests as the “celebrity panel”.

We haven’t named it yet – if you have an idea for a name, let us know.   This show will go great with alcohol. Of course it will be able to be customized to your material and we will have a cool set with various production levels. You can bet that we will automate the process and make it cooler than the original, Watch for it, or better yet, ask if your are interested – we will push it further.  This game is similar to our Celebrity Squares designed in the style of Hollywood Squares.  We think the staging is a little easier because we don’t need three distinct levels (which gets expensive).

For an immediate variation, check out our Pair and Compare game show that was originally designed in the style of The Newlywed Game but with any type of pairs — co workers, married couples, people who just met.