This past month, we introduced our new Celebrity Tic Tac Toe & Squares set. The old set was located in Florida. The new set is based out of Chicago but can travel easily anywhere. The old set required risers to be at least four feet high to avoid blocking via sight lines. The hotel we used them at recently couldn’t achieve the stage heights required safely — so we made adjustments. (We will have our own risers soon).

The new set has elements that can be put in front of tables, mounted on truss besides a player or mounted on truss behind players. The new set will be able to be built into trade show like graphics and displays. Our new X and O’s are 24″ X 24″ and have super bright RGB 10 Watt LED’s. These LED’s were TOO Bright for the last show and light could be seen bouncing off of the back wall almost 200 feet away. We had to dim the displays down as to not upset the video camera feed. The event in the picture was relatively basic.

We just came back from New Orleans where our client used our game show for a “Celebrity Tic Tac Toe” game show. The client was a large law firm. The celebrities were some oe their lawyers. Each lawyer / celebrity was introduced as a celebrity look a like with a back story. The contestants were two of their guests. Each of the contestants pointed to a celebrity to ask a question. The celebrities had prescripted funny and serious answers. The contestants either agreed or disagreed. At the end of the 30 minute presentation, eveyrone, including the 700 people in the audience loved it. It was a great ending to a day in a great conference. Time to hit Bourbon Street.

The picture in this blog shows the X and O’s on stage and an X and O in front of the contestants (although blocked by some other scenery). More pictures to follow and watch for an update our our Celebirty Tic Tac Toe page on our webg site. A smaller version of this game show will also be available. A new “Celebirty Up Four It” will also be available soon with seven celebrities and your favorite four in a row game combined.

For more information on Celebirty Tic Tac Toe and Squares, call us at 847-781-7033 or email