We love game shows. We love watching new game shows on TV. We love figuring out how we can simulate or emulate game shows for your events within budgets that you have (as opposed to TV budgets).

Risk Reward game shows are great for event marketing, retail promotions, casinos, and more. Take It All (We will call it Take Everything) promises to be a hot new show or at least a mini game.

If you haven’t seen it, Take It All is hosted by Deal or No Deal’s Howie Mandel. It is a cross between Let’s Make a Deal and Price is Right. Five contestants are invited to pick from a “Dream Screen” with prizes behind them. Each contestant is invited to keep their prize or take from another. It is sort of like the old Christmas gift game. The goal is to keep the highest value prize and not get the lowest value. A Player is allowed to “Lock” only once during the game show. After each round, the player with the lowest value prize is eliminated. After three rounds, the final round is called the “Prize Fight” in which the two remaining players get to confer with each other to keep their prizes or attempt to “take it all”. This process involves some sort of head games. Players secretly record their choice. If both say “Keep Mine”, they both keep their prizes. If one says “Take It All” and one says “Keep Mine”, the Take It All wins. If they both say “Take It All”, they both lose. It is an interesting lesson on greed.

We look forward to modifying “Take It All” to “Take Everything” to use as a promotion or mini game. It will be great to showcase sponsors and create an exciting atmosphere