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Are you planning your 2015 – 2016 promotions and looking for your next big event that is also cost effective?  Look no further.

The Gigantic Game Show Give Away (tm)  
is a fast moving audience participation production using mostly risk reward games to create excitement while showing people winning cash and prizes. When your guests see others collecting prizes, they think that they can also succeed and thus play more slots and table games at your casino, racetrack or lottery. (Also great for general event marketing and sponsorship activation).

The Gigantic Game Show Give Away is designed in part, in the style of TV game shows that ask players to make a deal, guess prices, or play larger than life and scenic mini-games but with our own twists and stage energy.

  • Engage New Customers. Reward Loyal Clients.
    There is no better way to bring new customers in to your facility or reward loyal clients than announce that you are “giving away” prizes and that they could be on a tv-like game show
  • Variety Keeps It Fresh
    With a growing inventory of over thirty (30) mini games it is easy to vary our shows.  Games have names that include Beat The Joker, Pocket Money, Cash Drop, Wheel of a Deal, Star Power, Take It Er Leave It, and Crazy Pies that intrigue guests. Our sets are customizable, brand-able, and scalable.
  • Prize Allowance For Your Needs 
    Each mini game and possible final game can be tailored to your prize budget and risk management. And those mini-games can also be modified to meet your gaming rules.
  • Use It Anywhere That You Need It
    Game Show Give Away 
    is equally at home in your event center, your ballroom, your cabaret, as a floor promotion, or at an off premise sponsorship vehicle at a local fair or festival. Presentation can be modified to your stage size. Sell tickets to the show and it pays for itself and then some.
  • Cost Effective and Budget Friendly
    And get this, even with our optional  light, sound, and video add ons, it is still less expensive that it’s closest competitor. It is ideal for small and large casinos alike. Join in a block booking tour for even more savings.
  • Incorporates all aspects of effective casino marketing Game Show Give Away creates an experience, enhances your community of players, create an emotional connection which furthers the purchase drivers to encourage more gaming, as well as building an audience to engage your customes.

GSG Hollywood Casino Action Star Power Crop 1

Game Show Give Away as a Floor Promotion at Hollywood Casino Aurora. Partial set shown.  Configurations and stage design will vary from venue to venue and event to event.