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Game Show Gurus is a full time game show production company servicing all types of events including schools, corporate events, promotions, fairs and festivals, trade shows, and social events.  

We provide production. design, execution, and promotion of game show, contests, event marketing, and other stage type attractions. The applications are endless. 

This web site is designed with a shopping cart type back end. (However, pricing is determined by event, location, production level and more). Please email or call us for specific quotes.  Many details are posted on the indivdual game pages. Many game shows have downloadable "Data Sheets" which include more details and can be easily printed or emailed to colleauges.

To use this web site you can:

1) Check out out our game show and attractions 

2) Click on the "Events" Tab to LEFT. Here you can expand to the types of events and choose yours. 

3) Just browse around.

Who Knows Game Shows? We Are Your Final Answer!!  Why would you book anyone else? 

Are you looking for an event planner to provide engaging game show activities for your special occasion? Game Show Gurus provides professional game show activities for events in Wisconsin, Illinois, Indiana, Kentucky, Iowa, Ohio, Michigan, Minnesota and Missouri. We can travel anywhere in the country for larger game shows and even maintain a warehouse in Las Vegas.

We provide the latest in game show activities for large themed corporate, college and promotional events. We can set up simple and more complex game show stations for your guests to engage in. No matter if its for a school function, festival, fair, wedding bar mitzvahs, mall, casino or any other occasion, we can bring in model sample games from TV’s most popular game shows. 

We can help you bring back your favorite game show to keep you and your guests entertained for hours. Our services provide a unique twist to keeping your guests engaged at your special event. Some of the best game shows that have been loved by so many for so many years are coming back. 

Why not provide the very same entertainment that we loved for your occasion. Here at Game Show Gurus, we have also loved those very same game shows, so we take our job seriously and are very professional. Our game show party planning is essential for you and your guests to have the best time possible.

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Our mission is to provide game shows for all markets at all production levels. We aim to be able to a service provider for all computer templates and game show hardware availalbe on the market today, give you choice, knoweldge, and flexibility.

Again, we provide game show party planning for a variety of themed events in multiple areas such as Indianapolis, Chicago, Milwaukee, Springfield, St. Louis, St. Paul, Detroit and Grand Rapids. Call today for more information on how we can spruce up your event. We look forward to hearing from you. 

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